• I feel better about myself.

  • I get along better with my family and my friends.

  • I found joy in little things this week.

  • I gave a speech today and my face didn't turn red.

  • I feel like I have my inner voice back again.
Peaceful Child

  • For the first time he has been able to face his nightmares.

  • This is the first time he showed and released his emotions.

  • He said he felt peace for the first time.

  • I've never seen him so calm and cooperative.  

  • After 10 minutes he fell asleep!

  • She feels better about herself and is doing better in school.

  • She never lets me miss an appointment.

  • Now I know what peace feels like.

  • I made high honors for the first time!

  • I was able to sleep at a friend's house without having to come home.

  • I have almost no nightmares now. The ones I have don't seem as real.

  • It used to take me hours to fall asleep.  Now it takes minutes!
Imagine a new generation at peace knowing hands are for healing, never harming.

  • Bruce has been a wonderful advocate for children as well as
    a needed resource for teachers.

  • Mr. Cote thinks deeply and is willing to take a minority
    position on an issue in order that the best interests of the
    children can be met.

  • In my twenty years as an educator I have rarely met anyone
    who has displayed the amount of compassion as I have
    witnessed from Bruce.

  • Forty-five years of clinical work has taught me that it is in a respectful environment and through a caring relationship
          that one's spirit finds the hope to heal and Bruce provides both.   Roberta Wentworth, LCSW, LMT

  • My clients have been able to learn what it is like to feel calm and be at peace which has given them the ability to use more appropriate
    behavior to get their needs met

  • I am convinced that Bruce's work in addition to therapy has shown to speed up the treatment and healing process for children and
    their families.

  • I am amazed at the impact therapeutic massage has had on children clients, especially those dealing with PTSD or anxiety. They are
    able to experience safe healing touch without re-experiencing their pain.

  • I strongly endorse this complementary therapy and find myself recommending Bruce Cote to all my clients.
Bruce S. Cote, Holistic Practitioner and Educator
Hands of Hope and Peace
When Bruce Cote was a classroom teacher he witnessed an increasing number of children being medicated for mental health
conditions and was concerned about the negative side-effects (such as lack of sleep, loss of appetite, lethargy). He was
particularly troubled by the impact it was having on their overall health and wellbeing. So, he searched for safe and effective
alternatives and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of practical interventions that could help.

What stood out most for Bruce was the research conducted at Touch Research Institute (TRI) which found massage therapy
(modified for children) to be highly effective in treating both mental and physical health conditions. Desiring to know more Bruce
traveled to TRI where he received training in pediatric massage therapy and research methods. After this, he continued his
education and became certified in massage therapy and other holistic healing modalities.

While attending school Bruce Cote developed protocols based on techniques he had learned to meet the unique needs of
children. In 2004, he left teaching and opened up a holistic practice specializing in pediatrics.

In 2007 Bruce was contracted by Counseling Services Incorporated (CSI) to assist in developing a complementary services
program for children. He practiced there for two years treating over eighty clients. In 2009, Dr. Thomas McLaughlin conducted a
program evaluation and found clients who received complementary therapy showed significant improvement and displayed
"marked changes in behavior and levels of stress..."

After treating a teenager who faced a career-ending sport's injury and others who were at risk, Bruce developed a sports
massage program for young athletes to treat and prevent such injuries. Bruce was contracted by the Sanford/Springvalle YMCA
to work with their swim team for five years. During this time, no serious injuries occurred.

Currently, Bruce provides in-home holistic healing services and conducts training for therapists, educators,
children and parents.

Education: Boston College, Granite State College, Touch Research Institute, Polarity Realization Institute, Muscular Therapy Institute,
Behavioral Health Sciences Institute

Specialized Training: Touch and Massage for Children with Special Needs, Premature Infant and Infant Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),
Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
Bruce S. Cote
Certified K-6 Teacher
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Polarity Practitioner
Reiki Master
Certified K-8 Yoga Ed. Instructor
Certified Behavioral Health Prof.
Touch Research Associate
Touch Research Institute
University of Miami
School of Medicine
"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."  Plato
Mental Health Integrative Services Manager
Bruce Cote, Holistic Pediatric Therapist
Hands of Hope and Peace is committed to providing research based, clinically proven, safe and effective therapy for children and families.
Additionally, training in holistic healing modalities and self-care techniques is offered for children, parents, teachers and therapists.
Program Evaluation Conducted by Thomas McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Bruce Cote conducted massage and energy work with sixty-six youth ranging in age
from five to eighteen.

All youth have mental health diagnosis and have been working with clinical staff.

The average change were as follows: peace, an average increase from 40 to 89 percent; happy
from 34 to 70 percent; hopeful from 43 to 87 percent; confident from 41 to 80 percent.

The data suggests that massage therapy interventions which follow proscribed intervention and
data collection strategies show marked changes in behavior and level of stress for the youth
Emotional Inventory: EI1
Peace  Happy  Hopeful  Confident
Author and Parent Educator

  • Bruce Cote's deep respect for children's innate wisdom and ability to heal is evident in the way he puts them in charge.   Pam Leo, Connection Parenting
School Principals
As Children Heal the World Heals
Holistic Pediatric Therapy Works!
Feeling at
40% to 89%

Gives children
the hope
to heal.
For the
first time
he has
been able
to face his
"Now I know
what peace
feels like."
Holistic Health and Healing
Children and Families
I feel better
about myself.
I have
almost no